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My Clients

I teach for the complete spectrum of drivers from those with unique challenges to those who just want a little extra practice before the road test. I have experience working with a diverse range of clients. Here are some of my most common types of clients.

Drivers who have a fear of driving.


I have worked with many clients who have had bad experiences driving themselves or as a passenger. I can give these drivers concrete skills to overcome their fears and master the practice of defensive driving.

Older clients who never got their license or need to renew.


I have many of these clients who, for a variety of reasons, never got their license or need to get back into driving. Circumstances have changed and now they want a license.

International Drivers


I regularly teach drivers from other countries who are new to the area and want to get a license. I have experience working with drivers from all over the world.

Drivers who are ready for the behind the wheel exam.


I get many clients who are ready for their behind the wheel exam and just want some practice and feedback from a professional who is familiar with the skills needed to pass the test.

College students who want a license.


I teach a lot of UO graduate and undergraduate students who didn’t need a license when they arrived in Eugene but now are ready. Eugene is a great environment for students from big cities to learn to drive in a lower pressure situation. Plus, I ‘m a UO alumnus and live near the university.

Teens who have their permit and are just learning to drive.


Teens benefit from starting lessons as soon as they pass the written test. I can start them out learning the basics the correct way before they develop bad habits.

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